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Welcome to the China Doll Trilogy

posted by Kevin McDonald
Friday April 2, 2010

This will be the permanent home of the China Doll Trilogy.  The China Doll Trilogy is a true labor of love that began in 1995 at the keyboard of an old and very tired Apple Lisa computer.  I think it was appropriate that I used that particular computer as it was used at a time of real struggle for my family.  That poor computer struggled with me every time I turned it on.  At times, I truly believed the burning smell coming from Lisa’s belly would some day result in a full blown fire, but luckily for me and the many fans of my stories that never happened.  Lisa stayed with me just long enough to bang out the 60,000 word paragraph that would later become 160,000 + words and my first novel, Practically Invisible.  As time goes on, I will share some of the insights and life experiences that have driven me to see this story through for over 15 years.  I hope it will help others see that dream killers don’t have to win and passion can overcome adversity.

One June 19th of 2010 I was honored to be inducted by the USA Martial Arts Masters’ Hall of Fame as a Pioneer.  There are few words to describe the feeling of being included with such amazing people who have dedicated their lives to excellence in the martial arts.  I have gained a great deal through my involvement in the Martial Arts. In part because of the associated security offered by self defense skills. But far more importantly through the internal reflection and balance required to be a true practitioner.  The Martial Arts are not about seeing who can defeat whom, rather about the balance between the human mind and body and the very exercise of self control and perfection of movement. The ability to fight is but a side effect of the arts. One that comes in handy at times, but that is best left for those emergencies where life and limb are threatened.  It is amazing how settled one becomes when fear and concern are only afterthoughts. It empowers you to meet even the most frightening and intimidating challenges in trying to achieve your goals and assist others in achieving theirs.

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