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McDonald's Master's 2010 Ring

McDonald's Master's 2010 Ring

  Kevin is avid about the arts of self-defense with the ranking of 2nd Degree black-belt or LimaLua in the LimaLama Arts of Self Defense. He was awarded his LimaLama rank personally by the Art’s Founder and Grand Master Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega.  Kevin’s certificate signing was witnessed by the legendary Kenpo 5.0 Senior Professor Jeff Speakman at the 2004 “Jeff Speakman International Training Camp,” in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Kevin’s certificate was the second certificate after the Grand Master’s  son to bear the official stamp of the Grand Master’s Signet Ring. The one of a kind hand made 14kt solid gold ring worn by the Grandmaster was designed with honor by Kevin McDonald who is a master goldsmith. Kevin presented it to Grand Master Tuiolosega personally with a group of top martial artists masters who helped to finance its creation. The Grand Master’s ring was presented to him during a private ceremony just before the public passing of his legacy to his son Senior Master Rudy Tuiolosega. 

   The ring was created out of respect for The Grandmaster’s achievements in creating his incredible art. The ring was also designed to authenticate the certificates of black belts in the LimaLama Arts of Self Defense. The ring bears the authentic patch of the Grand Master and is used to melt a unique wax impression on the certificates along with the four witness signatures. The totally unique and highly intricate design now helps to prevent anyone but the Grand Master from creating official LimaLama certificates.   Considering the fact that Tuiolosega means, “The King of Olosega” it is fitting that the Grand Master posses such a ring. The Grand Master’s ring was reportedly passed to his son Senior Master Rudy Tuiolosega when the Great Grand Master passed away. Kevin also holds the rank of 3rd Degree Black Dan in Outlaw Style Tai Chi, a street defense style of martial arts. He was trained and promoted by Master Tom Tamez and his promotion and certificate were witnessed by the legendary Kenpo Master and Hall of Fame  Ambassador, Fred Brewster.

   Kevin B. McDonald was inducted into the 2010 Martial Arts Hall of Fame in association with the Disneyland Martial Arts Festival held at the Anaheim Convention Center on June 19th, 2010. His induction was in large part due to his commitment to the safety or children and our community as a whole along with his tireless work in the world of crime prevention. The day started with demonstrations, competitions and seminars put on for the public and judged by some of the world’s top martial arts instructors. At the Disneyland Martial Arts festival, some participants tested for and received belt promotions and others will have to try again. Everyone seemed totally focused and ready for the challenge. The event drew people from around America and Internationally to watch martial artists from the traditional arts to the modern MMA styles.

   After the competitions and demonstrations ended, the martial artists, Ambassadors and their friends and family put on their formal attire and attended the Black Tie, Masters’ Hall of Fame Awards Dinner. Some 550 people attended at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, CA, where Masters’ Hall of Fame Ambassador, Founder and Legendary Kenpo Fighter, Grand Master Fred Brewster and HOF CEO Daniel Hect officially inducted McDonald into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the Pioneer Category. McDonald was then presented with an official certificate, crystal trophy and Masters’ Hall of Fame Ring.





by: David McNeil


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